Lead Based Paint Management

Building Surveys and Testing

CES helps building owners and managers determine if lead-based paint is present in their buildings prior to renovation or construction activities that disturb or suspect lead-based paint. To reduce the cost of paint testing, CES uses a RMD LPA-1 X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrum Analyzer. Following the testing, CES will provide a comprehensive report of finding(s) that includes: test results, color, substrate, and location of each paint tested.

Development of Plans and Specifications

When a construction project disturbs lead-based paint; CES will work with the building owners and manager to determine the proper procedures to be implemented in order to protect people at the site. This will ensure that the work area is properly cleaned following lead paint disturbance or removal activities. Plans and specifications prepared by CES will provide lead-based paint abatement contractors with a well-defined scope of work and procedures to ensure the project is properly performed in accordance with applicable CDPH, CAL-OSHA, HUD and EPA regulations.

Project Bidding Assistance

Our goal on every project is to obtain highly competitive bids from quality abatement contractors if requested. Once specifications are prepared, as an added value, CES will assist in the bidding process. Once bids are received, CES will review each bid and assist with contractor selection.

Asbestos Management

Here at Condol’s Environmental Services we offer testing for Asbestos-containing building materials in both residential and commercial buildings.

When properly cared for, most building materials containing asbestos do not normally release asbestos dust. Problems begin to occur when the material is disturbed, gets older, or is damaged without taking the proper precautions.

Not sure if your home or place of business has asbestos in the building materials? There is only one way to find out . . . have your building inspected by Condol’s Environmental Services. The inspection will tell you if you have asbestos, and if so, where is it located, has it been properly cared for, if there are problems how to handle them, and preventive steps you can take to make sure that there will not be any problems in the future.

Already know you have asbestos? Condol’s Environmental Services can help with the asbestos management phase from the inspection to the final clearance air sampling.

Services offered by Condol’s Environmental Services include:

  • Certified Asbestos Inspections

  • Pre-demolition air quality management district asbestos compliance consultation.

  • Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Management plan development and implementation.

  • Air sampling and occupational air exposure monitoring.

  • Asbestos removal planning, and contractor oversight.

Mold Inspection

There are many reasons to get a mold inspection. They can be preventative, used to fix problems such as water leaks or to test mold you can see.

Included in each investigation:

  • Visual inspection of the subject property

  • Moisture testing with thermal imaging and a moisture meter

  • Sample collection for analysis

The air samples are tested against outdoor ambient air to determine what mold, allergens, or other harmful contaminants are present. All of these services can be customized based on the needs and budget of our customers. For more information on mold and allergen testing please visit our mold and allergen testing page.

All of our pricing is up front, and without hidden charges. We make sure to include the fees for laboratory use, sample taking, and the report and recommendations of the inspector. We also have close ties with remediation experts, and can provide estimates when necessary.

Traditional Real Estate Home Inspection
Buyer’s Inspection: A home inspection is usually performed during the buyer’s option period to determine the condition of the home. All areas are checked for problems needing to be repaired.

Investment: Properties can be inspected for investors at a fee much lower than a standard inspection. This inspection covers major components such as foundation, structure, roof, plumbing leaks, HVAC, and electrical panels.

Maintenance Inspection: Homeowners often get their home inspected every 2 to 3 years to determine how the house is performing.

Industrial Hygiene Consulting

Traditional Industrial Hygiene Consulting:

In California many occupations present hazards to their workers. These hazards often come in the form of chemicals, noise, and many others. Over time these can lead to physical injury or prolonged health problems. In California, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates the workplace in order to make sure that employees have safe working standards, and employers are in compliance with exposure to hazardous condition.

As an employer, you owe a duty to the people who work for you to make sure their working conditions are safe. The best way to do that is to make sure you are in compliance with Cal/OSHA standards.

Condol’s Environmental Services can evaluate your work environment to make sure that it is safe for your employees. All of our industrial hygienists are certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (CIH). We can evaluate one part of your work environment or your entire plant, and we also provide recommendations for controls where over exposure is found.

Have you been Cited by Cal/OSHA or a violation of workplace standards? Condol’s Environmental Services can evaluate your situation to see if the case can be appealed. We have close ties with many regulatory agencies including Cal/OSHA, and we can work to correct any areas of concern.

The main areas of focus for Industrial Hygiene Services provided by Condol’s Environmental Services are:

  • Air sampling for chemical exposure.

  • Noise exposure assessments

  • Personal protective equipment assessment and recommendations.

  • Hazard communication.

  • Risk assessments.

  • Engineering control evaluations.

  • OSHA compliance consultation

Water Damage Restoration Management Services

Condol's Environmental Services is changing the industry by providing Water Damage Restoration Management Services. CES can help homeowners and property managers navigate the water damage restoration process. CES will advocate and help speed up the drying process at your property and reduce secondary damages by monitoring your assigned water damage restoration company.